Monday, August 18, 2008

Birthday Gift #3

So i spent my third birthday gift with Kristin's mom Peggy. She is so great and is so excepting and always there to listen. When i asked to move in with her and Kristin when i had decided to drop out of school she was there for me with open arms. She said i am always welcome in there house and i have always felt welcome there. She knows how to give advice that is real and not always on my side but tells me how it is and what she thinks of the situations. Anyways so she brought me a card on my birthday and inside was a coupon that read good for one pedicure and dinner at the spaghetti factory so i cashed that bad boy in on Saturday. I picked her up in my car... t-top off b/c it was such a great day and we headed to our pedicure. I got the most gorgeous red toe nails now (i didn't get flowers b/c the red made me feel so grown up!) then we decided to go to dinner at the spaghetti factory in Seattle b/c driving over the bridge and being by the water seemed like such a fun idea on such a great day. there was a bit of traffic but it was fun and the car was filled with great country music. we arrived and to our surprise it was hemp fest this weekend and we ran into ALOT of interesting people. but that just made the trip even more fun b/c the people watching was so great! it was so nice to spend one on one time with her and i am so grateful she wanted to participate in this like everyone else.

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