Monday, August 25, 2008

still going strong

OK well i know it has only been 4 days since i have been back on my diet (even though it seems like much longer!) but i am very proud of myself to still be going strong on my diet. i even went to the fair with mat and didn't get anything bad... we split half a BBQ chicken and some fries... i MAYBE had like 6 fries so I'd say that was pretty good. I instead spent my time shopping at the booths and let me tell you how excited i was to buy the sham wow! i know i know so stupid right but we went to a thing a while back and i didn't get them and i always regretted it and every time i saw the commercial for them i would get so mad that i didn't get it... so at the fair i got it!!! i still haven't used them yet so i can't tell you how well they work but i am hoping for the best and i will keep you updated once i do! but anyways back to my diet! I have been doing really really great! i have counted all my points and kept to it everyday! I have brought lunch to work every night and didn't buy any extra junk. i have also tried my best to get at least a little bit of a work out in everyday. yesterday i went ice skating with Kate and Kristen for a couple of hours and the other days i have tried my best to do a workout from the on demand menu with our cable. I was really proud of myself this morning because i woke up and the first thing i did was turn on the TV and find a 20 minute work out to do and i went forth and did it. then hoped right into the shower. Horribly, however, i had to get out of the shower half way through and puke! It don't know if it was the work out or the combo of working out right when i woke up then not being able to breath in the steamy shower or what but i couldn't sit up for over two hours afterwards! i was just super dizzy. it was horrible. i thought maybe it was because i hadn't eaten so i ate a bowl of cereal and toast and i still felt sick. so i was a bit slow going this morning but i was happy i had gotten my work out in! So i hope to keep this up as long as i can and not let myself get distracted by junk food. There is no need to eat that way. all it does it make me feel sick and guilty! i want to be happy and healthy!

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