Wednesday, August 6, 2008

movie review: pineapple express

went to go see pineapple express last night at the midnight showing and let me tell you that movie was hillarious! now if you don't like drug humor or are totally against drugs all together you probably aren't gonna be this movies biggest fan but if u look past all the pro-marijuana stuff it is a great movie about friendship and over coming all odds. ok ok ok I know I am probably stretching it a bit saying that but it was a fun movie to watch. action packed with car chases and fight sceens that are super funny. of course I have a soft spot because it is co-staring my favored actors from freaks and geeks. but if you are in the mood to laughter until you pee your pants without much thought then go see pineapple express... and no you don't have to be stoned to watch the movie. I wasn't and I laughed hard!

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