Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Truller wrap up

I'm am just finishing putting up all the pictures from our fun time at the TRULLER on myspace and i thought i would do a nice wrap up of our trip. We had such a great time up at the trailer and were so sad to leave this morning. riding the sea doos was super fun. we tied an inter tube onto the back and went out to try it out. That was a something that took us a bit of trial and error to get right. I as the first to hop onto the inter tube and try it out with Tara towing me along. we knew not to go too fast but that was about it. If we went straight the water would splash right into our face and out couldn't see anything and it was miserable. so we figured out that if you drive in an S shape the inter tube would go back and forth over the wake. but if we went too fast we would be whipped back and forth and feel like if we didn't hold on tight enough we wwould be flung off and go flying! which needless to say was a little scary! our arms were so soar we could barely go for that long b/c holding on tired you out quick. Also i ventured all alone onto the top of the island which was pretty fun. walkin up the trail was a bit of work and i had to knock down a few spider webs to get by but at the top was super fun and i had a great view of the whole lake. i just could go up there all summer without going onto the island! We went to bed pretty early last night b/c we had such a fun and busy day. Laura and i actually fell asleep next to the fire. These are the two dogs that kinda decided to spend the couple of days with us! We were so sweet and loving and fun to have around. until of course i am getting out of the lake at night that they come growling and barking and running towards us.. that was a bit scary! We hope to go up there at least one more time over the summer for even longer so we can get the whole Lake Campbell experience!

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  1. Love the pictures! I love sea doos and I love being towed on is so fun! I'm glad that you have been able to fill your summer with so much fun. It's almost a shame that summer is quickly coming to an end...I will miss all the water fun, I'm guessing you will too!