Saturday, August 9, 2008

pretty great weekend

well i must say that i had a pretty great weekend, even though I'm sick! Thursday mat and i had the day off so we just kinda hung out until Daryl was off work and then we headed out to Laura's family trailer (also known as Tara's heaven) It was so great to be able to do this with the guys. mat never wants to do thing like this. he says he hates camping and doesn't like water and all that stuff so i never thought i would get him up there. But we went and let me tell you we had a great time even though we weren't even up there for 24 hours! Thursday night we had steaks for dinner and hung out by the camp fire and then played apples to apples. it was so great and relaxing and really refreshing to hang out with another couple. we watched a bit of dodge ball but everyone fell asleep around midnight so we went to bed. The next morning we woke up to a bit of fog and realized that we probably weren't gonna get great weather for ski doo's but we were determined to try it out. so we went to breakfast hoping that some of the fog would burn off while we were away. when we got back it was still a bit foggy so we made another fire and just hung out chatting. finally around 12:30 we just decided that we were gonna go out. we headed out and boy was it great. i still am not the best driver of the ski doo's but mat enjoyed driving and i enjoyed holding on tight to him! and of course like clock work the sun came out just as i had to pack up our stuff and leave because i had to be at work by 4pm. work wasn't great due to so much drama with the night crew and i wasn't feeling very good but i got through it and everyone (Laura, Daryl, Mat, Kristin and Tara) were all waiting for me at my house and we went out to Lucky seven. It was pretty fun. everyone there was super drunk by the time we got there so it was so funny to watch everyone dance and act crazy! we didn't stay too long because everyone seemed tired and bored after a while so we walked back up the hill and ended out night! over all it was a great time and i loved that i got to spend time with each of the people that are so important in my life. the only sad thing is that i don't have any pictures b/c i forgot my camera and i don't know how to get the pictures off my phone. maybe you'll see some later.

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