Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let me tell you about my best friends!

I have a problem with being a friend all the time. I tend to be too honest and too blunt. I always want to help all my friends with everything and most of the things i just can't help them with. i wish that i was the perfect friend and that our relationships never had problems but i am sensitive and uncensored so problems tend to pop up even when things are going great. so i want to take this moment to write about my three best friends in the world. They all mean the world to me and i don't know what i would do without a single one of them.

Kristin Marie:
She is unbelievably creative. It is amazing the works of art she can create with absolutely no effort. She puts us all to shame on our crafting days. She is always there when i have a problem and always knows the right thing to say. she laughs at my stupid behaviour even though most the time it isn't funny. She knows to show some kind of reaction to the things i do because that is all i am looking for. She knows to agree with things i say even though we both know i am wrong (because I'm strange like that) She is my interpreter to the people who don't understand me. She can read my mind and finish my sentences. She is extremely intelligent and soaks up knowledge like no one I've even known. I know that if i need to know something she is more than likely gonna have the answer for me. If she doesn't i know that her mom will. Her family is my family and i am eternally grateful for that. She has grown so much as a person since i have known her and i can't wait to see the wonderful person i know she will become. There are things that she lets hold her back but she has began to work through those walls and really has began to blossom. I love this girl with all my heart and truly i would be one sad girl without her!

Laura Lorraine:
She is an amazing women who i think is defined by her strong bond with her family. I have never met someone who can say she honestly has never said she hates her parents. She has such a level head and always knows how to do the right thing. She know show to find a balance to her life that inspiring. She always seems to find time for her friends and her family. She also plays both soccer and softball and works and goes to school. She makes me inspired to be a better person and become closer to my family. She is absolutely beautiful but doesn't even realize it. She is strong physically as well as mentally even if she does let her emotions get the best of her at times. We are a lot alike in this way. we tend to both be super emotional and sensitive even when it isn't necessary. I love that she plays sports and can chop wood. She is the boy of our group but that is why we love her. It is amazing how this girl who could be a model rather wear her camo shorts and wife beater tank top and sit with her legs spread when she could be out knocking people over with her good looks. Even if she doesn't realize it she is extremely important to me and i don't know what i would do without her inspiration.

Tara Lorraine:
I have known this girls for nearly most of my life. We met at the age of 5 and 6 at a babysitters house and have been best friends ever since (with the exception of the lost 6 years) Growing up together and with each others families we have developed into much of the same person with the same problems and defence mechanisms. we are both greatly opinionated and our way of dealing with things is getting moody rather then sad. But we both have similar personality traits as well. We both know how to have a good time and make things special. She is continually the life of the party. She will do nearly anything for a laugh or a good time. driving down the road she is the first to sing on the top of her lungs or flash a passing car. She is also deeply sensitive even if she doesn't talk about her feelings you know that she loves her friends and family with all her heart. She is an amazing women who is always looking to better herself and the life of the people around her. i know that one day she will realize all the great things she has to offer and begin to show the world because she has only began to shine her brightest. I love her and am so grateful to have her back in my life so that we can make so many more memories together!

Now doing this i realize that i have excluded many other important people in my life and it is not that i don't love everyone but these girls are the one's go to for EVERYTHING. they know all of my deepest secrets and share my greatest memories. I tried my best to accurately portray my feeling for each of them but please realize that putting my feelings into writing isn't the easiest thing to do and that it is very possible that i have missed something. I tried my best to give them equal praise because i truly do love them equally. Each girl is a part of me. Each share a different side of my personality and it is so wonderful that we can all get along together.

To Kristin, Tara and Laura, i want to say i love you and i am sorry if i have ever hurt you because that has never been my intentions. I know i speak too quickly sometimes when i should have though things through. So thank you for sticking by me and being my best friends! I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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  1. Actually i've hated my mom numerous time but we won't get into that. I think i have such a strong relationship with them because they've been around my whole life...friends have always come and are still there but not kind of thing. Theyre still my friends but we don't really hang out and thats the way it was in high school too. i guess i know a lot of people but i don't know a whole lot about them. Now i have you kristin and tara. I think i just get scared that i'll do something wrong that will make you all not want to be my friends anymore or push you away somehow because maybe i did something to my other friends to make them my not as much of friends anymore. Thats why i ask you if you may be mad at me at times, i want to do anything i can to make you not mad or upset anymore. Your words are so true and so sweet, i couldn't ask for a better friend.