Monday, August 18, 2008

well we had a fun day today... we were going to go inter tubing today in Leavenworth but when we woke up and heard news of thunder storms and clouds we decided to pass on the idea and we did something else. We headed to Micheal's and picked out a few craft projects to do while watching some movies. I did a bird house and stepping stone both for the truller. Laura made two boxes one for herself and one for her niece Wendy. Kristin also made a box for our friendship. Tara didn't make anything. We ate lunch and then got started watching Stick it and Blond Ambition. once we had finished out projects we headed for the hot tub. It was fun to sit out there talkin and coming up with our list of things we want to get done by the time we are thirty. a few things from my list.. party one night all VIP... have a kid... take a long vacation out of the US. then after hanging out in the hot tub we headed to NY Pizza in bridal trails to see Andy's show. he is a co-worker of ours that was putting on a show. It was fun we settled into a booth right up front and sat with his wife. the show was really great. he is an amazing musician. all in all this day was a great day even though we didn't end up doing what we had planned!

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  1. I'm so glad that you posted video. I never knew Andy was a musician. How cool! Looks like your day turned out pretty great...gotta love those surprise wonderful days.