Monday, May 11, 2009

because my last post was so depressing...

OK so my last post was pretty depressing because i was a place where i was thinking too much and over analyzing things too much. Today i thought i would write about the things i think I'm pretty good at.

First of all i think i am a pretty good person. Don't get me wrong i am not perfect and i do a far share of not following the rules but for the most part i am a good person with a big heart. I am constantly wanting to help people and it usually pains me when i can't help. Sometime i try to help too much even but i don't think that is a fault!

Second i think I'm a pretty good friend. sure I'm too blunt and maybe try to be helpful in the wrong ways but it always is coming from my heart. I am constantly thinking of my friends and all the fun things we can do together. i love to surprise them with little gifts and such to show that i was thinking of them (haven't done that in a while b/c I'm broke) I love having friends and having girly days together. We could do absolutely anything together and i would be happy.

Thirdly I"m pretty good at being domestic. i absolutely love to spend the whole day cleaning while mat is at work. It love to have the house spotless and smelling good and dinner ready when he walking in from a long day at work. i love trying new recipes and reading cook books. i keep a pretty nice house and this well organized and uncluttered. Although i don't have all the money in the world i make out pretty well with what i have. I love going to Ikea or any furniture store (that isn't totally over priced!)

Fourthly i think i will make a pretty good mom. All my life i have wanted to be a mom. first it was playing make pretend growing up. i loved playing house and being the mom. then i wanted to be a mom just because i wanted to do it better then my mom did (not that she did a bad job but when your 13yrs old u think everything they do is wrong) and now i just have such an overwhelming urge to nurture! seriously mat doesn't let me take care of him enough. if i could i would make his every meal, do all of his laundry, pick out all of his clothes, cut his hair, and ANYTHING else he needed done. i keep telling him he should get me a pet because i have too much love and affections for him to handle and i need to direct it somewhere else before i completely annoy him!

I'm sure there are other things that i like about myself and think I'm pretty good (big head much!) at but I'll stop at four because that how many things i said i was bad at.

Hope this leaves you with a better feeling then my last post.. sorry guys! maybe you should make a list of thing you think your good at.. it make you feel way better!


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