Friday, May 29, 2009

too much sun to think about blogging!

Well i know i promised you all the details of my last weekend but darn it it has been nice and i have been busy... i work 12 hrs yesterday (4 of them in sexual harassment training) So here i am at the beginning of another weekend and actually the beginning of another vacations. Another vacation that we are spending at home but will still have a great time! but back to the subject at hand... last weekend! ...

Well Saturday was super fun hanging with Debbie. She got me all worried that she was gonna freak out while getting a pedicure but we went ahead and did it anyways and boy did our toes turn out great! I am gonna make this girly girl high maintenance if it kills me... lol Playing rock band was super fun afterwards also. We played for hrs had pizza and pop and laughed a lot!

Sunday i went to Lunch with my great friend Kate. We thought we would try out another restaurant other then our usual Saw Mill so we met at Crystal Creek cafe and wouldn't you know it is was the exact menu as at the Saw Mill. I knew that they were accounted with each other but the same menu was too funny! at least we knew we would like the food! While we ate we talked about all the fun things she sees me doing on my blog so we made a deal that when we see each other (usually it is just for breakfast/lunch indoors) we would do something out side! so we made plans to take a day trip to Mt Rainer and a mini vacation to Leavenworth to go tubing! i can't wait for either activity and to be able to spend more time with Kate then just a meal!

After our breakfast i finally convinced mat to go to the folk life festival! I love festivals even though we really have no interest in the music or the arts and crafts but boy are we interested in food! When we first walked in we got tons of free samples. then we had a slice of pizza to share. we wondered around for a bit just to make sure we weren't missing anything. then we got a wrap sandwich with Lamb. it is always fun to try new foods while at a festival. let me tell you it was good! After wondering around the fair for a good amount of time we decided to walk down to Pikes Place. we took a scenic route by walking down to the water front and then back up to pikes place. it is always fun just to wander around down there and see all the people. after that we decided that we were pretty hungry so we headed to Mama's kitchen which is pretty much the best Mexican restaurant in downtown. it was also fun because we was the same place that we went when mat came to visit me in school for the first time! I also got a bit sun burned from walking around so much in a tank top but it was completely worth it!

Monday was a really nice, not quite as warm as Sunday but perfect none the less! Tara Kristin and i all met at my house and headed to Greenlake with our pic nic lunches! we found the perfect spot and hung out a while enjoying the warmth from the sun. We then walked around the lake and came to the paddle boat rental area. we at on the beach a while putting our feet in the water. finally we made our way over to the paddle boat window and stood in line. After a short wait we climbed 9very carefully0 into our boat and headed out. Little did we know that it was kinda tiring to paddle and steering was far too complicated so we stopped a little ways in a floated there in the sun. i hung my feet off the side. it was really relaxing! after that we headed back to my house to make dinner and play wii fit. it was nice to be able to hang out with nearly all my good friends together. It was also fun to see how different people do at the wii fit. it was surprising what people were good and bad at lol.

i have a lot planned for the next week and i will try hard to update a bit sooner then a week from now!

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  1. I am so proud to make it on to your blog! I cant wait for our summer plans either!