Sunday, May 17, 2009

Oh how i love me some sunny weather!

I am in such a great mood all the time now that we are having some really great weather and i have sworn to myself that i will make the most of every sunny day that i can! So far in my summer adventures i have had a picnic with Kate, walked around Greenlake with my gramz, and ate dinner on Kirkland water front at Anthony's with mats family.

The picnic was kind of a spur of the moment thing on mothers day. Kate and I had planned on meeting for lunch but since the weather was so nice i offered for a picnic. So i broke out my picnic basket and pack us a lunch! We ate at Martha Lake. it is a lake just minutes from my house that is tucked away and kinda hidden. it was so beautiful and peaceful. I'm completely in love with it.

Last night mat and I joined his aunt from Cali, uncle from jersey, grandma and cousin for dinner at Anthony's on the Kirkland waterfront. We arrived at the perfect time of day just as the sun was setting. Mat and i arrived early and walked down the dock for a bit. we were seated just in time to see the end of the sunset! it was nice seeing his family and getting to know them better!

Finally today i was desperate to make the most of the sunny day so i posted that i needed someone to go to Greenlake with me (because i have been dying to go there) and my gramz said she'd go! She called me and an hr later we were walking around Greenlake together! it was such a nice walk (2.8m) We ended the walk at the BluWater bistro where we split Crab Mac and Cheese. i am not once to choose out seafood for myself but she really wanted to try it so i was game. MAN let me tell you it was so good! the crab added such a light sweetness to it! i was so impressed with myself!

Tomorrow, after work, Tara, Kristin and I are planning on going to deception falls. we went last yr. it is such a fun place to go with a trail snaking in and out of a handful of water falls! i can't wait!


  1. Good for you! I've spent both nice days inside doing school work and housework...not exactly making the most of the nice weather! Glad you have been having fun. Deception falls sounds like fun. I've never been there. Where is it?

  2. Ok, so deception falls sounds like a ton of fun and when you guys end up going I hope I actually do plan to get off early so I can go too!!