Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Monday Adventure of 2009

Monday was another day that I was sure to make the most of the sunny weather. Like last summer we hope to have our regular Mondays where we try our best to do something fun out doors! This was our first official Monday adventure this summer. we Had planned on going to deception falls so we pack a picnic lunch hopped in the car and headed out. Deception falls in on Stevens Pass right before the pass actually (on the left side of the freeway) It is a park that has a snaking trail that has several really beautiful big and small waterfalls. We had gone last year and really loved and decided to go again. Much to our dismay once we arrived we found that the gate was locked and the park was closed (probably yet to open for summer season) So we thought quick on our toes and tried to figure out what else to do. We decided to keep driving. We knew we would eventually make it to Leavenworth. It is amazing how close Leavenworth really is. i don't know why people don't go there more often! it was perfect weather (80degrees!)

we parked the car and decided to walk down by the river to have our lunches. we stuck our feet in the water and wondered along the trails for a while. Finally we decided to head to the shops. we wondered in and out of the shops (tempted by candy and goodies) After our short shopping trip we decided we HAD to stop at the 59er diner for milk shake! (remember we went there last summer for my birthday with Tara!) it was Kristin's first time to the 59er diner and Tara and i were excited to share a bit of our childhood with her! we also stopped at our favorite taffy store that had burned down just a few months ago. it was pretty amazing because they were still operating out of two sheds while they waited to rebuild.

Finally we headed home blast music and singing along at the top of our lungs. While driving over the pass we were amazed by the huge mounds of snow still on the ground (we don't go to the mountains during winter) we decided we HAD to stop on the side of the road and get a little taste of snow. it was fun standing in snow in flip flops and really ironic to be standing there in Capri's and tank tops! we finally made it home and JUST IN TIME for the rain to start!

I am so grateful that the summer is starting out to be great! i just know that is will be just as good or even better hen last summer!

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