Monday, May 4, 2009

So you can feel like you were there

We headed to Vancouver with no real expectations but were excited to have a girls night! little did we know we would have one of the most exciting trips! let me take you along on the journey!

Everyone (Debbie, Tara, Kristin, and I) all met at my house around 9am. Stuffed Tara's VERY large trunk full with bags. We completely over packed for a one night trip! Once all in the car we headed for the US~Canadian border! the drive went quick as we sang along to our favorite songs and talked about all things girly! Arriving at the border we decided we needed to stop by the duty free store b/c we had been told alcohol and such is much cheaper there! Once we had paid for and drove to the pick up location (weird right... had to drive to pick up our goods) we headed to the gates. Coming from the duty free pick up window we had to merge into the line. Boy are Canadians rude when driving! we got the most ugliest faces i have ever seem and no one would let us in! that had my blood boiling. Then we arrive at the window and the Canadian Mounty lady who was checking us threw was obviously having a bad day. She was completely rude and we ended up having to go into the building here they looked up all of our histories while we waited! pretty stressful. eventually we made it past all the hurdles and were back on the road again! We made it to our hotel w/out any form of directions (that's how u know u have been to Vancouver too many times!) We checked in and headed up to our room on the 23rd floor. Got in the elevator pressed the button and waited as the elevator started heading up. It stopped on the 19Th floor and some people got in... we figured they were heading up to a friends room... NO the elevator started heading DOWN. we were once again in the lobby. We tried inserting our key card and we pressing our number again and it headed up this time to the 18Th floor. more people got on and the elevator started heading down. We quickly pressed another floors button so we wouldn't go all the way to the lobby. We got off on the 8Th floor carrying off all of our far too heavy bags barely being able to move anymore. We were so confused! this went on for a little longer till we finally called the front desk and asked if there was a trick to using the elevators. They suggested that our key was demagnetized so we tried the other key they had given us and FINALLY we made it up to our floor. the irony was that we never needed to get a new key.. that first key worked just fine the rest of the trip! Once in our room exhausted we decided it was time for a drink! We made a few and chilled out for a while, a couple of us pee'd and a couple of us decided we could hold it. So we headed out for lunch STARVING and slightly buzzed! we pressed the button to the elevator and then made jokes about the mirror and how the floor felt like it was slanted b/c of it. The elevator finally arrived and Debbie led us in but suddenly turned around and headed back out! we chalked it up Debbie have a little too much to drink before leaving the room so we pushed her back in and gathered in the corner of the elevator. i stood there not really noticing the other people in the elevator already. some fat guy and someone else. i looked at Debbie and she gave me such a look that i looked at our elevator companions again and low and behold we were riding in the elevator with none other then JACOB from TWILIGHT!!! That right ladies and gentlemen! We rode down in the elevator with Taylor Lautner for 20 floors! none of us said anything our of pure shock! my eyes went huge and my heart was pounding! can you imagine our luck!? if we hadn't been stopped at the border, if we had been let in by the cars in line, if we had made it up to our room without trouble, if ANY of these things hadn't happened we wouldn't be in this elevator at this exact time! It was such luck! We could tell he was heading off to work out (he had gloves on and got off on the floor w/the gym) He was w/ an obvious body guard who shielded him from us. Taylor stared at the floor all the way down. but it was him! it was so exciting! we all screamed our heads off once he exited the elevator . I'm sure he heard us but we just couldn't contain our excitement! we made it outside and then wondered if we should turn around and follow him onto the third floor. We vetoed the idea b/c truly we aren't stockers! we headed to lunch and we were barely able to eat! (some from the excitement and some from the fact that we were kinda a bit tipsy) we headed back to the hotel and decided that Debbie and Tara would go look for him while Kristin and i went back to the room and me changing into my swim suit her making us more drinks. once ready (i decided not to change b/c they thought he had left already) we headed down to the third floor. we got off the elevator and headed toward the gym and who do we run into? TAYLOR again! this time it was a bit embarrassing b/c now we looked like stockers. We continued walking past him to find Debbie and Tara. They were a little further ahead and cracking up! i guess Tara had found him first and started running away. Debbie had started to ask if she could take a picture when the body guard pretty much snubbed her. They watched (from around the corner like stockers!) as he signed an autograph for another person in the lobby. It is pretty funny that we never really talked to him but we were still on cloud nine from the pure fact of having a twilight celebrity sighting! I mean YES we researched what hotel (rob) was staying in. and YES we talked about "meeting rob" and Debbie having an "affair" with him. and YES the whole idea of the trip was to find rob. but NEVER did we actually think we would end up seeing any of them. we thought we wouldn't be able to tell who they were as we passed them on the streets of Vancouver. This single moment in the first hr of being in Vancouver made the ENTIRE trip worth it.

The rest of the trip went great as well. Once we spotted Jacob we were all a bit overwhelmed so we chilled out in our hotel room for a while talking and slowly getting ready to head out for the night! we wondered down toward Yale town. We had dinner at Section 3 a fun restaurant with the word nerd above the bar in big neon letters. They were watching the hokey finals so everyone was in good spirits. once done eating we headed to Glowbal a bar in Yale town where Rob was rumored to frequent. we got there and decided that it wasn't out scene (or maybe we were too drunk to understand what was going on there) so we headed out to find another place to chill, possibly somewhere to dance or play pool. after a while of wondering and some locals giving us bogus directions to "Bar~none" (get it... bar none... JERKS!) we found a billiards place that we decided to pop into because it had started to rain. We headed straight for the bar and ordered a round of Jager shots. Debbie even did hers like a pro! So proud! then we kinda got bored so i started watching a guy play pool and commenting on how well he was playing. he must have noticed because he then asked us if we wanted to play also! we figured why not and gave it a shot. Let me tell you... i DO NOT play pool well. but to make up for it i just started pushing the balls in with my hands! it was fun because he let me get away with it! Debbie and Tara joined in the pool playing also (i don't think Kristin did) Tara played the best out of us girls! She got 5 shots in a row! amazing really! The guy introduced himself to all of us and we even shaked his hand but as we wondered out for the bar a little while later NONE of us could recall his name. pretty funny really. Once back out on the street it was still raining but not too bad so we scurried under what cover we could find as we walked around some more trying to find another place to catch our eye. that's when the monsoon-like, torrential downpours started and we were stuck without any cover! i swear the streets we flooded in a matter of minutes. we got soaked to the bone! so we headed back to our hotel room to change... our spirits not damped however. we made it to our room... called for more towels and changed into our warmest clothes. We then decided that we were hungry so we headed back out... and guess what... NO MORE RAIN! we should have just waited it out, but we are used to Seattle weather where once it rains... it never stops! we found a place that had cheap eats and was still open. I got two slices of pizza and a pop for under $6 bucks Canadian! After that we headed back and just wondered around our hotel a bit going to as high as we could in the elevators and wondering around the floors saying Rob and Taylor could be behind any of these doors! It was a fun night!

Our hotel room was FAR too hot and we could barely sleep. none of us used the blankets! But the next morning we woke to Debbie super excited and screaming WE MET JACOB!!! we got dressed and headed to Starbucks on Robson St (yet another rumored sighting of rob) We ate a yummy breakfast sitting outside, enjoying our morning then went for a walk around Vancouver. We wondered all around and ended up at the water front where it was absolutely beautiful! OK a little cloudy but it was still nice. After wondering around for a good part of the morning we headed back to the hotel. We so needed to go to the gym Taylor had worked out in just the day before! We sat in the gym thinking of the fact that that was where he had worked out. we tried out the equipment and though "This is where Taylor sat!" (god are we complete dorks or what?! ha ha so much fun!) Once we had gotten our fill of the gym we headed back to our room to grab our bags and checkout.

Such a wonderful weekend we had nothing could have made it better... OK OK so maybe actually talking to Taylor or seeing Rob would have made it better but this weekend FAR exceeded our expectations!! can't wait to go back! we would even go when they aren't filming! Going to Vancouver is like going on a vacation in another country but without having to pay an arm and a leg for air fare and it is closer to drive to then Portland!

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  1. Lol this blog is so full of LIES!! LIES I TELL YA!!! I was fully planning on hooking up with Rob, that was the whole reason I went hello!! :D