Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Summer Plans (so far)

Well i have so much to look forward to and i am so excited. i keep wanting to see it all written down in a list... kinda like a check list so i figure what better place then on my blog! i am doin things with so many people and still wanna do so much more!

*Today: date night (mat is planning it and i have no idea what we r doin)
*Tomorrow: mariners game. sitting at the hit it here cafe. never sat there before!
*June 6Th: trip to Leavenworth w/mat and Laura and Daryl OR comic book type convention at Seattle center
*June 9Th: Beginning of Summer Pic Nic at Martha lake and i hope all of my friends can make it
*June13Th: Kristin's birthday (pool, dinner, sleep over)
*June 14Th: trip to Mt Rainer with Kate!
*June 24Th: Chippendale's at Muckleshoot casino at 7:30pm... FREE everyone should come!
*June 27Th: Daryl's Birthday camp out and BBQ. also first trip to the truller!
*June 29Th: My day with Tara (argosy cruise, aquarium, kayaking, dinner at Alki)
*July 11th-12th: Leavenworth/tubing mini vacation with kate
*July 16Th: My Birthday
*July 18Th: my birthday party (water fight and pic nic at Martha lake, dinner at the rock, game night at home)
*Aug 23rd: Laura's bridal shower
*Aug 28Th-29th: Nickelback concert and two nights of camping at the gorge!
*Sept 12Th: Laura's Bachelorette Party
*Sept 19Th: Laura and Daryl's Wedding!

Along with these already scheduled events i am also looking forward to our Mondays where we try to make the most of the outdoors and do something active!

I would like everyone to know that i wanna hang out with each and every one of you as much as possible but i don't know if you are free... i have all sat and Sundays off so talk to me and we should plan something fun!


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  1. are forgetting a very important thing on that list! Leavenworth with Kate!!!

    Anyway, yes we should get together sometime this week. Does Thursday work? I dont work until 4pm.