Saturday, May 23, 2009

a busy weekend!

Well i have the weekend off and i have a lot of fun things planned! last night i got off work at midnight and headed to the tulaup casino with Debbie, Kristin, mat and Rosie! it was tons of fun and totally spontaneous. i lost the money i went with but it wasn't a ton. today i have plans to hang out with debbie to get a peticure and play rock band~ should be good times! then sunday i have plans to hang out with mat. not really sure what we will do.. i thought going to the folk life festival would be fun but mat didn't sound too excited about that idea.. i'm hoping to convince him still! then monday once i get off work us girls are going to greenlake to go paddle boating then coming back to my house for BBQ and wii fit! the weather is going to be perfect and everythign is gonna be so much fun!

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