Saturday, May 18, 2013

Day 6 of counting calories

I am finally attempting to lose this baby weight! Shopping for new work pants was a depressing eye opener. I thought I'd share my plan for my weight loss and the tools I am using to reach my goals.

First of all I am counting calories and for course in this day in age I use my smart phone to help with that. I am using the Lose It app on my iPhone. This app is pretty great! You can search their database for foods or restaurants, you can scan a bar code and the nutritional information is right there, or you can enter the information yourself. You can also record your workouts and that gives you more calories for the day, but I try not to use those. I used this app before I was pregnant during the Biggest Loser competition at my gym. I know it works as long as I'm honest about everything I eat and I actually record it. It's also really important to keep portion control in mind.

I have a cheapo food scale I use daily that I find really find important while on a diet. I actually think I'll be buying a digital food scale very soon cause the tray of my cheapo scale is cracked.

Right now my work outs consist of just walking with Sloane. I have found it pretty hard to drag myself to the gym. There are many excuses I use to not get myself there. I paid for child care but then I have to get to the gym when it is open which is 9am-1pm. Now you would think this would be a perfect time but I usually want to work out right when I work out. Also Sloane's nap time is right around 9am so I would have to wait till after her nap but by that time I'm wanting to get things done around the house cause there is always dishes/bottles to be washed, laundry to be done, toys to be picked up, blogs to be written, so on and so on. Yeah I know these are all excuses but I also don't like the idea of being away from Sloane, when I could be hanging out with her, hence the walks.

My motivation is mainly to too tight work pants. I got work pants that fit but are just a bit tight so it reminds me not to eat junk. I also find motivation on Pintrest and in YouTube videos I watch. I also want to keep signing up for 5K's to keep giving me something tangible to work towards.  My next 5K is going to be the Run of the Mill on July 6th. This is actually the first 5K I ever did I think two years ago. This is a timed 5K and I would really hate to see a really horrible time compared to my other 5K in the past. 

So I'm only on day 6 of this attempt at losing the baby weight but I'm feeling pretty great and I'm thinking I'll be able to keep this up!
Do you have any diet tips you can share that would keep me motivated. I think a real key to staying focused is to keep trying new things to keep it exciting!

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