Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pintrest Cook Off!!!

What do you do on Memorial Day Weekend? Well I work two out of the three days, plus the weather was reported not to be so great so I invited over two of my favorite girlfriends for a Pintrest Cook Off!! I always pin recipes on Pintrest and I am always looking for an opportunity to move the pins to my check mark board.

What is pintrest you ask? Well I know most of you reading this are well aware of what pintrest is but because of my computer illiterate family I know there are people who have no idea what this is. is a website where you can share our ideas. Most of it is people who have written blogs and then pinned that blog on pintrest. The basic idea of pintrest is: Think of a bulletin board where you would post your ideas so that you can come back when you are looking for ideas. Pintrest is basically a huge bulletin board where everyone can share their ideas together!

 I told my girls to arrive at my house with a Pintrest recipe they had picked out to share. It took me a whole week of searching Pintrest to pick out the perfect recipe to share.

My choice: Pesto Fondue basically it is a fondue with pesto flavoring. I used almonds but as I look back at the recipe I realize I didn't toast the almonds, I don't know if it made much of a difference. I did half the recipe because I was anticipating all of use bringing a recipe but we quickly went through the half so I would recommend making the whole recipe. it was very yummy. I was worried at first because we've had fondues before that all you could taste was the alcohol was cooked with but this one you couldn't taste at all.

Tara's Choice: Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole (chicken omitted) This was a very successful recipe, so simple and quick to make. Tara actually wasn't able to take the whole time to cook the recipe so she actually defrosted the tater tots and then layered the ingredients and cooked it in the crock pot until the cheese melted. I think you could obviously cook this in the oven as well and it might cook a bit faster. Overall we really enjoyed the recipe and got lots of ideas on how to alter the recipe in so many different ways.

Kristin's Choice's: Orange Sherbet Champagne This was a very fun idea but it was difficult to put together. We put the champagne in first and then the sherbet and it created a volcano so we put the sherbet in first then the champagne and it created so many bubbles that you weren't really able to fill the glass to where you would wish. As I was searching for this pin I was similar posts but where it is pictured in a wine glass. I think making it in those would make it a much easier task.
Cake Mix Cobbler This was such a great idea, a quick, easy cobbler. It says not to mix the cake with the soda but we found that to be not such a great idea. It ended up being a but runny (she did add more than a can of soda) and the cake mix was a mix of dry powder cake mix and cake mix that was baked and fluffy then there was also cake mix that mixed with the juices and felt like it was raw. This is a recipe that we would like to try again but possibly mix the cake mix and the pop together. Also it might benefit to just use one can of pop.

Overall our Pintrest cook off was a major success! As we choose the recipe's we felt that we wanted to try and make this a monthly occurrence because we saw so many recipes that we wanted to try! If I personally was to announce a winner of the cook off I would say my recipe was the winner, but I might be a bit bias.  We pretty much announced Kristin's recipes as Pintrest Fails but we think if we attempt them a few more times they might turn into successes.

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