Monday, May 13, 2013

Mommy Monday: Adventures at the Children's Museum

Sloane turned 6 months old last week and to celebrate we thought it would be a fun idea to check out one of the many children's museums we have in our area. As it turned out I needed to stop by my work in Bellevue that day so we decided to check out Kids Quest children's museum in Bellevue located in the Facoria mall. It's also a check mark to one of the items on my summer wish list!!

I had originally heard about this children's museum from a Seattle magazine saying this was a highly rated children's museum. I was especially eager to check out the area that was designed for children under 3 years old.

We arrived a bit before 10am and learned that members are able to go in a half hour early but general public weren't allowed in until 10am. A membership cost's $99. We decided to kill time around target until it opened.

(Sloane checking out this things in the play house)
(Making friends where ever she goes)

At 10am we paid at the front desk, $9 per person, Sloane is free until she is a year old. We made a bee line to "the back yard" which is the area designed for children under 3 years old. Sloane of course took a little bit of time to grasp the whole area but once she warmed up she was crawling all over the place. It's a fun area that has little play houses, fish tanks, a big train track set, tree's to play in, puppet show area, play tables, a big open play area with block and other toys plus a lot more!

We started our playing in the play houses where they had fun sensory play things that Sloane could touch and explore. She even made friends with a 9 month old baby in one of the play houses. We made our way around the rest of the back yard and finally landed in the big open area where Sloane could crawl around. She liked this area the best cause she has tons of freedom and she could watch all the older kids. Our only struggle was trying to get her to not put everything in her mouth.

Once done with the backyard we decided to check out the rest of the museum. Next stop, the water play area. We knew Sloane would love this too cause she just loves splashing. She just loved the running river and was splashing up a storm. We did have to hold her which made it a bit difficult for her to reach the water well so that is something she will enjoy more when she is older. The rest of the museum was a bit too old for her but Mat and I had a blast finding out our height, playing with the scarf wind tunnel, and trying to make a target with a big air drum.

Overall I think the museum was a blast and I think it would just get better as Sloane got older. They offered a story time but we didn't stay for that. I liked that it was small so not too overwhelming but still offered a lot of fun things. One thing we didn't notice when we first came in were the lockers, which would have been nice to use, they are located in the back on the museum. I don't think we will be getting a membership to this museum but I think we will defiantly be back. We will scope out the other two children's museum and see which we want to get a membership to!

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