Monday, May 27, 2013

Mommy Monday: The Liebster Award 2013

I was nominated by Hannah over at The "krustee" BLOG to do this tag. It's a bit of a random blog but I thought I'd do it for my Mommy Monday blog post since I am the mommy and this is all about me! I remember doing things like this on MySpace all the time and I have to admit I loved doing them so this was right up my ally, plus hello easy blog post!

(I guess this is what this is called)

- Name your nominator and provide a link to that persons blog.
- Post 11 facts about yourself.
- Answer 11 questions from your nominator.
- Nominate 11 other bloggers.
- Ask 11 questions for your chosen bloggers.

11 Facts about Me:
1. I was in labor for 6 hours, pushing and all.
2.I realized I was pregnant when I weighed in during a biggest loser weight loss competition and had gained weight.
3. I tend to link my toes together when I'm sitting around bare foot.
4. My second two (pointer toe?) is the longest of my toes.
5. I'm completely addicted to watching Vlogs on YouTube. I don't even watch TV anymore.
6. When I was in elementary school I would spend my recesses either helping teachers or in the library.
7. I was full grown and fully developed by 10 years old.
8. I have had 7 cars in the 12 years I've been driving
9. when I first started shopping for myself I thought I had size 10 feet but as I got older I realized
I was actually a size 9
 10. I've lost 40-50 lbs twice in my life and then gained it all back. I'm back at it now and I hope I can keep it off for good this time!
11. my best friend of 20+ years, Tara,  and my boyfriend of 7+ years have the same birthday but a year apart.

My 11 Questions to my Nominees:
1. Do you or did you play any instruments?
I attempted the flute in middle school and the guitar in high school... I just don't have the patients or strive to practice to get good.
2. Which animal best represents your personality?
hhhmmm... this is an interesting question... ( let me sit with my hand on my chin and ponder this) thing is I don't know the behaviors of all animals... I'll go with a kangaroo for my personality right now as a mommy.
3. How do you like your coffee or tea?
NEVER! don't like either... OK well I have on occasion drank tea but I'm picky so it doesn't happen often.
4. What is your ideal Sunday afternoon?
spending the day with Mat and Sloane probably out doing something fun either a pic nic at a park, exploring the city or taking a hike... my ideal day is NEVER a day sitting around doing nothing, there is too much I want to do in life to waste time like that.
5. What is the meaning behind your name?
I know my name is French but I don't know what it means. My mom just liked that name and wanted people to call me Dani Lee (like Sara Lee) but no one did... My family does call me Dani however.
6. Favorite dessert?
Ice Cream!!! forever and always. I have done very good lately at cutting back in the ice cream intake lately however!!
7. What type of organization is your favorite to donate time/money to?
Children's Hospital. I have toured their two main facilities here in the Seattle area, I have volunteered for several different events and I just think it is so important for children to have somewhere to go when they aren't well that they will feel comfortable. Seattle's Children's does a great job of that I think. It also is more important now that I have a child because it gives me piece of mind knowing that there is somewhere like that for my child if it is ever needed.
8. Favorite social media site?
Twitter of course!!! I say anything and everything on Twitter. I'm sure people hate me for it but, Hey I have nothing to hide!!
9. You’ve just won a $5,000 dollar shopping spree to ONE store (clothing, furniture…), where are you going?
hmmm a place where that $5000 could stretch a long way and get a good variety of items... The best place would probably be target.
10. Explain in detail your dream car.
I'm not really a girl with a dream car... I have always enjoyed big vehicle's where I could fit all my friends. I have always wanted an Escalade; to make it my dream car it would be completely electric so I wouldn't have to pay for the crazy amount of gas it would take.
11. If you could choose the sex of your child, would you? Boy or girl?
I'm happy with my daughter but if I was to choose my next child I guess I would choose a boy just because we are only going to have two kids and it would be nice to have one of each but two girls would be absolutely adorable also. Plus cheaper cause we have everything for a girl.

I nominate:
Hannah (I know you already did it but I don't know many bloggers!)
(the rest of these bloggers I don't know and I don't know if they will even see this blog!)
Aunt Becky

11 questions for my nominees
1. what is your middle name and do you like or hate it?
2. where is your favorite place to go on vacation and why?
3. what is your favorite thing to do, out and about, on your weekend?
4. how often do you workout and what are your workouts like?
5. what is the meal you would have as your last meal?
6. what are two of our favorite names?
7. what chore do you hate doing?
8.What is your longest relationship?
9. Do you have a favorite number? If yes, why is that your favorite number?
10. Are you crafty?
11. Do you or will you have kinds? How many?


  1. I'm a notoriously lazy blogger. Wanted to come by to say I saw this. :)