Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Color Run Eve

Well tomorrow is our Color Run 5K. I'm doing it with my best friend Kristin. This will be her first 5K and it will be my first one back after having Sloane. I have to admit that we didn't do very good at preparing for this but luckily it is a fun run where they don't time you and they even allow people with strollers to run. I won't be running with Sloane cause I don't really want to have to worry about getting one of our strollers destroyed with paint.

One thing I have done to prepare is to make sure I'm doing the stretches that my foot Dr gave me. I had plantar fasciitis a while ago and I finally went to a foot Dr. Luckily enough we gave me three stretches that really helped out not only the plantar fasciitis but also the cramps I get in my feet when I run or walk fast.

We tried going to the gym a few times but that didn't really workout cause when it's sunny outside it's really hard to want to go to the gym. Last week we did make it to Green Lake where I had run a 5K previously so I knew the path to make it a 5K. We did that and sis just fine. I think we will pick up the pace for the actual race but at least we know that we won't die at least.

I'm really looking forward to this run. Not only cause it is just going to be super fun getting paint powder tossed on us but also I think it will give me the kick in my ass to actually start working toward getting off the baby weight. I'll admit right now I even gained weight after giving birth because I just couldn't eat enough then breast feeding. Now that Sloane is 100% formula I have actually been able to control my appetite and I have now gone 2 days in a row counting calories (this is sad but exciting because I hadn't been able to do that since Sloane was born)

Today Kristin and I are off to Seattle to pick up our race packets and then we are going to spend the day in Seattle with Sloane just enjoying the awesome sun we have had lately.

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