Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Sloane is 6 months old today!!!

To Our Darling Daughter

You are officially half a year old today and that means we survived being parents for 6 whole months. Lucky for us being your parents has been nothing but a joy. Looking over the past 6 months it is amazing how things change and how much you have grown.

We remember bringing you home when you barely moved, had a good amount of crying fits, and were pretty much just a ball of jello. You are now so strong and we can't dream of keeping you still. You crawl all over the house these days and even try and crawl over anything that is in your way.

You also have started using language (well baby language) to communicate what you want rather than just crying. It is amazing how happy you are all the time, we must have hundreds of pictures of your beautiful smile.

You have interacted with so many new people this month and you have done absolutely fabulous. You just hold every ones attention in the palm of your hand. I'm sure you will grow up to be quite the social butterfly. We can't wait to see what the next month brings in your growing.

Lot You Lots
Mommy and Daddy

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