Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ghost and Goblins and DRAMA!!

Last night was Halloween!!!! boy was it a night!! it ended badly due to clashing moods but I'm not going to dwell on that! I'm going to concentrate on all the fun i had and what i though made it a pretty great Halloween!

First of all i finally found a costume that i was excited about! A was a cow girl! and yes i have done that before but this time i really did it right! i had a swead vest with fringe, a leather belt with fringe... to that i attached a gun in a holster! I had a while collared shirt on with ruffles down the front and tight jean 9that i was just happy i could fit into) and finally my brown boots that were fake snake skin and to toes when to a point topped off with Kristin's straw cowgirls hat!... over all i think it looked pretty good and i remember blurs of complements as i walked down the streets in Seattle!

Second while getting ready to go out for the night we were able to carve pumpkins and just hang out together! we as friends tend to only hang out with each other when we have tons of activities planned... it was nice to not feel rushed and be able to just hang out and talk. also while we were getting ready we were able to watch poltergeist one of my all time fav horror movies as well as have many tricker treaters. I was so excited to arrive at Tara's house to find out they get tricker treaters! i haven't gotten any in YEARS and if there are any I'm not usually home to be able to enjoy them! it was so fun to see all the kids in their costumes and see how excited they get when they get candy! it was even cute to see all the kids where it is obviously their first Halloween and they have no idea what to do! so cute!

third is that I'm proud that i stayed by my diet! even though i didn't count all of the food that i was eating i planned ahead and ate just a little before we got together. i only ate ONE piece of candy ( i made sure to sit and really savour the piece as well) and i got a chicken sandwich and a salad at dinner. i didn't let myself go over board when i really really really wanted to... thanks to my friends for all their great support!

fourth i really enjoyed looking at all the costumes that all the people in Seattle were wearing. a few that seemed popular... ghostbusters, bumble bee's, a saw a few female race car drivers which i didn't expect, cowboy was pretty common, there were a few male strippers ( i tore one of their clothes off as we walked down the street behind them!) at one point in the night i was standing outside the bar watching everyone in their costumes and it was so funny to watch a business man walk through the crowd.. it was obvious he was on his way to the airport... probably in Seattle for business! what an entertaining mix of people you can find on Halloween.

All of these things and A LOT more is why i had a pretty fantastic night on Halloween! and all that activities got me a great workout and i was able to sleep like a baby! So Happy Halloween everyone and now onto the fun stuff like Thanksgiving and Christmas!!!


  1. It sounds like you all had a great evening!

  2. You looked great! Glad you had a fun Halloween, even if it didn't end the way you would have liked.
    Happy Halloween!