Monday, November 17, 2008

I am an AME graduate!

Well i have been taking an AME class for four weeks now through work. Achieving Management Excellence is a class that help you figure out your strengths as a manager and how you can just them to your advantages. They teach you a lot of tools for you to take back with you on how to manage your employees and better move forward in management. I thought the class was very helpful to me. I feel i still have A LOT to learn to be a really great manager but i have the drive to be successful and i think this is something that i really am going to be able to work with for the rest of my life. I learned not only things that i am good at but things i didn't realize i did while managing. One thing i took out of the class what that i need to SLOW DOWN! i am constantly feeling like i am in a rush to get things done and under control that i don't take time to properly coach people.
The class although at times seemed to drag on was good. I constantly wanted to be the one to answer the question but then there were other times when no one else would answer and for some reason i felt the need to answer... even though i hadn't thought of an answer and found myself talking without any real direction of what i was saying and ending up just feeling like a fool. i would tell myself i not going to answer another question all day.... but then i couldn't hold back and i would answer again. i don't know if this is a good or bad trait for me.. maybe another skill i need to work on (oral communication) but over all i came out of the class feeling better about myself and the direction i am taking.
Now i still don't know if or when I'll be turned into a second assistant but i have decided that i don't have to rush it. It will happen when I'm ready and it will be all the better so that i don't get over whelmed.

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