Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Bliss

Well i have to say that i had one of the best thanksgivings I've had in a long time. Not really sure what made it so great this year but it was just nice. Mat and I had to work in the morning from 10am to 2pm but hey, holiday pay! then we headed to my parents house where my family was there. It was just a warm and inviting time and i was comfortable and happy... i even carved the turkey thank you very much!!!! My cousins Halley and Ally and her son Terrence where there. i have to say holidays with little kids just seem more festive. i don't know what it is about it. We had to run soon after dinner (missing the games portion of the night) because we were heading over to Mats family's house. We spent time with his brother, his girlfriend and their two kids and him mom Melvin and his grandma! It was so nice and it was fun playing with baby terry who is just learning to walk...kinda. It's funny that my cousins kid and mats brothers kid have the same name, of course mats nephew is a Jr. All the food we had was great and super filling... it kept me full during our all night shop-athon!

We bought the paper when getting off work and saved to look at it till we got home. we mapped out our plan of attack... well kinda... We first went to Micheal's because they had a Thursday night coupon in the add. I got some Christmas decorations and our Christmas cards... which i will hopefully work on today! Then we came back home thinking that we wouldn't be starting to shop till four when Kohl's opened but we saw that the Seattle Premium outlets were open at midnight so we figured we would head down there just to till time... if we had gone to sleep we probably wouldn't have gotten up to shop. The outlets is where we came across the worst crowds of the day. i stood line line for almost two hours but i got some pretty great deals and so did mat ( of course he bought stuff all for himself!) we then headed to Kohl's where we were able to meet Tara standing in line toward the front. We got in and out of there in like fifteen/twenty minutes with a king size down comforter ($25) Flannel Sheets ($20) a Christmas door mat and a hooded towel for mats niece! it was a success! then we headed to JC Penny's because it was the only thing open that early and got a few other gifts. After that we headed to Best Buy and were in and out of that pretty quickly as well... the line moved pretty fast. Then we headed to the mall where we split up. mat walked over to target and got him mom a digital camera while i shopped at the mall for him. We were all done by 7am.. basically b/c i has spent my allowance for the day ( i didn't want to over do it and have no money left!)
Over all every single thing we did went smoothly and really relaxed. I had such a great time and really enjoyed every minute of it!

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