Wednesday, November 26, 2008

a little aprehensive!!

Can i just tell you how worried i am for thanksgiving weekend!? first of all we have TWO thanksgiving dinners to go to... first at my family's house where there is great pie and bread and all the other fixin's then we head over to mats moms house where she make amazing food like sweet potatoes and last year she made oh so yummy mac and cheese and then had my all time fav hawian sweet rolls! None of these foods low in caloiries! that is so much food and it is going to be hard to show restraint! THEN that night mat and i are going to stay up all night and go shopping at midnight! who knows what kind of foods i'm gonna be suckered into in my delierium of all night shopping! THEN Saturday i am having a little girly night with my friend Kate for her birthday... this is the day i have got to control! it is gonna be hard to figure out low point foods that are fun to snack on as well! so far i've got popcorn! i'll figure something out and it will all be fabulous! I have gone walking three days this week in hopes to balance out the end of the week! i really really really don't want to back track! i weighed myself this morning and i was down another 1.5lbs so if nothing else at least hopefully i will only gain that 1.5lbs back and just stay the same for the week! wish me luck!

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