Sunday, November 23, 2008

Week 4 Weigh In

Well today was the big day and let me tell you i had big expectations but little hope. I knew i did pretty well with my points and in no way went over the extra 35 points we have for each week. but i could just feel that i hadn't lost weight. in fact i have felt bigger then ever! plus i really haven't been drinking nearly as much water as i had in the past weeks! oh wait i haven't told you what i lost lol.... drum roll please........i lost 1 whole pound! bringing my total to 11 lbs! which i am glad to say that at least my weight isn't up i still wish i could have lost more. at this rate it will take me four more weeks to get to my next reward! BOO! plus thanksgiving is this week which really scares me. i so don't want to gain any of the eleven pounds I've lost! i am going to be so strict this week in hopes that when i eat thanksgiving dinner it balances out! plus i vow to go on two walks this week! when we first started this diet i walked like everyother day and the scale showed it. i was so careful and consise and it reflected! i need that motivation again.... i tried doing a workout video and stopped ten minutes in yesterday... i just feel tired... at least with walking i can even walk slow and it makes a differnce! ok well wish me luck this week and hope i don't pig out too much on thursday!

Week 1: -4 lbs
Week 2: -4.5 lbs
Week 3: -1.5lbs
Week 4: -1lb

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