Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week One Weigh In

My horoscope today on yahoo: Today is a great time for you to look ahead toward your future. Start putting some new goals into place, and try to get a little bit more aggressive about achieving them. It's very wise to create attainable goals, but it's only the loftiest goals that can inspire you to stretch yourself in new ways. Time is going to move forward whether you are aware of it or not, so you need to make every day count. Creating an awareness of where you are now versus where you want to be will help you do just that.

I thought that was pretty fitting for my day today...even though i set my goals last week for my weight loss i still have to be a bit aggressive to achieve them as well as stretch myself to be able to obtain my goal weight which is a weight i don't ever remember weighing.

So today was the weekly weigh in for the weight watchers diet... drum roll please....... i lost 4 lbs!!!! pretty exciting! i weighed myself on Wednesday and i had lost 3lbs already and that fact kept me motivated to be good through Halloween so that i wouldn't pig out... and boy let me tell you i really wanted to pig out! i had only one piece of candy which i sat and savored every little bite... my friends thought i was crazy but boy was the mini milky way the best candy bar I've ever had!!! Anyways i am now one lb away from my first goal of 5 lbs and the reward of a bubble bath. let me tell you i really wanted to lose 5 lbs this week cause i really need a relaxing bubble bath!! but all the more motivation for this next week!

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