Sunday, November 16, 2008

Week Three Weigh In

Well this week was kind of a struggle in the sense that i just didn't pay attention to what i was putting in my mouth... i didn't go crazy and i put myself back on track toward the end of the week and come out pretty successful if i do say so myself! DRUM ROLL....... I'm down 1.5 more lbs!!! that brings me to my total of 10lbs in three weeks(thats twenty dollars in my jar!)... not too bad if i say so myself. and that brings be to my second reward... a pedicure! i have Tuesday and Thursday off so i will probably getting it done one of those days! I'm so proud that i have made it this far. it is amazing what you can do when u just take it one day at a time... one hour at a time really for me!
a few things i was proud of myself this week for:
*i grilled veggies: asparagus, zucchini, and red peepers. i had planned on eating them through out the week but ended up eating them all yesterday for lunch before work with some Texas toast. then when i got home i made a grilled panini with the red peppers i had left! amazing for a girl who doesn't like veggies! i even bought more for today or tomorrow!
*i portioned out my snack foods! I have two boxes of reduced fat Cheese It's (b/c i was so excited that they came out with RF white cheddar i had to buy a second box) but anyways i portioned out the boxes with a fun mix of the two flavors so i could just grab and go and know how many points i was eating! i also did it with my reduced fat wheat thins so i could eat it with my laughing cow cheese wedge and not have to sit and count the crackers!
*whenever i was thirsty at work i didn't buy a pop as i usually drink.... i got a large glass of water from Starbucks and kept refilling it all night. i also made glasses of lemon aid at home so it felt like drinking something sweet... I've been doin pretty well not drinking much pop these days... too bad i have eight two liters sitting in my house!
So now is the start of a new weekand i am feeling like i will be pretty sucessful! i hope to fit into my black pencil skirt for new years! how hot would that be! yow!

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