Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ten pound reward!

Well today is my day off and I decided to start the day off with my ten pound reward.... a peticure! Kristin and Laura were both free to join me so we met there and all picked our colors! it was so muchfun being able to sit with them and catch up.... especially with laura whom I never get to see and hang out with and chat. I think this was a super fun and relaxing and and absolutly had nothing to do with food.
I think learning to do things that aren't based around foot is really something I need to work on... it is hard though when u r surrounded by skinny people who can eat whatever they want and they do base things around food.
anyways it was a great reward and now I am working toward my next reward which is buying a hardcover book and having a guilt free day to myself of reading and relaxing... NO CLEANING OR COOKING!
wish me luck

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