Sunday, November 9, 2008

Laura's Birthday Party!

Well this weekend was super fun! not only because i got to weigh in... always my favorite part of the weekend **rolls eyes** but also because i was throwing Laura a surprise 22nd birthday party! It was actually mats idea but Kristin and i did all the work! We tried for a night club feel. We made a fun light up club Laura sign and i got a disco ball with lights (which will be returned because it was so not worth the 40 bucks it cost!)

It was fun to have Laura's brother and wife over along with a few other friends. we started the night out waiting for the guest of honor to arrive. we ate my yummy chicken and rice (the boys had burger master) Once she arrived... not at all surprised at the party of course... the party started. we played a drinking game right off the bat and by nine we were all pretty well buzzed! we slowed things down a bit by playing apples to apples while we waited for Tara to arrive! you can never go wrong with a good 'ol game of apples to apples i always say! Tara arrived by 10:30 and we were all well gone by then so i of course encouraged her to catch up with us with major quantities of alcohol! the other guest had left so it was time for Laura to open her gifts from us! we all had our days with her planned out and came up with creative ways to tell her about them... we all realized just how BUZZED Laura was when she got the most excited over a box of hamburger helper Tara got her to symbolize dinner!

Over all it was a pretty great party (even though the surprise wasn't much of a surprise) we had a good time and I'm pretty sure Laura had a blast and really that is all that matters!

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  1. I did have a blast! i loved everything! thanks babe!