Thursday, November 13, 2008

i took a little bit of my life back

I have an on going problem with serious debt... debt so bad that i have usually taken an ignore it attitude toward it. this problem i know is a KEY source of my unhappy days and gray hairs. but today i did something about it... while it is a very small step in improving my debt i am proud i did it at all. I could have taken the little extra money i had and gone shopping...first thought was to save it for black Friday actually. but instead i thought i have this extra money i might as well try a little bit in easing my drama. So i first set aside money for rent something that is new to me since we've moved and is something that has been hard to keep up. Then i paid my cell phone bill all on my own. now i always pay this bill with my own money but i usually give the money to mat (cause the account is in his name) and he pays the bill so me figuring out how to pay the bill and actually doing it is something i am proud of. after those important bills done i felt like i was on a roll and still had money left over way more than is needed to get through the week so i turned to the PILE of envelopes i tend to ignore, that are screaming at me every time i see them and opened two that were on top... one i was able to pay the full amount and the other was something i knew i had to set up a payment arrangement for. this is yet another thing that has always scarred me... i HATE talking on the phone. i freak myself out way before i ever call and then end up NEVER CALLING but today i dialed the number gave the account number and arraigned to pay $100 a week. this amount will be taken out of my account every Friday until it is paid off which should be pretty quick. now to some these issues are mind boggling and would never imagine having debt problems like this but to me it is something that i have just ignored for YEARS! i am proud of myself for taking a tiny little step to improving this problem... and one day i will be in the green rather then the deep maroon red i am in now and i will be a girl making her man marry her. This is probably the number one reason i don't need to get married... i don't want to pass this debt onto mat... it isn't his problem (he doesn't even know how bad it is.... no one does..not even me really)
wish me luck i know this is a lot to learn about lil ol me but hey I'm getting better i just gotta do it in my own time (i guess)


  1. that is a huge step should be proud. many people just
    let it go on for years and never do go girl!
    and keep a positive
    are a great person. you have so many tremendous attributes.
    be proud! love you

  2. It is so easy to get into debt, and so hard to make the steps to get out. Good for you for taking some of the control back and getting on track. The more control you have of your finances the better you will feel! I'm proud of you!

  3. I am soooo proud of you! Believe me getting new clothes, doesn't feel near as good as being less in debt. Just think that every payment that we make is another step in the right direction, and to improving your debt! I think that this is the first time you have talked about it, which is another big step. Did you say marry...have you guys been talking. Matt and I were talking about debt today, and how he says I am always broke, that I should go to the knew casino. I told him I am just a month away from being debt free, he said we had the same amount of debt left, and that we will both be done soon, he said that you had a lot more, and before he could walk away, I said good you can help her, sarcastically! Let me know how I can help! Did you set up payments on your credit cards, and your loan??? Well done ;)