Monday, July 28, 2008

wakin up early

well here i am awake and dressed before 7am b/c Tara is on her way to pick me up to take me out for my birthday surprise! This year instead of presents i ask each of my friends to take me out for the day for a little one on one time. I feel like i am always trying to hang out with everyone all at the same time that i never really get to hang out with my friends just one on. I need to reconnect with each of my friends and get to know them one on one again. so today is my day with Tara. she is the only one who hasn't told me what we are doing and it is an over night thing so this should be interesting. I'm sure it will be fun b/c Tara is pretty darn fun but also knowing Tara this could be absolutely ANYTHING!!!!

wish me luck!

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