Saturday, July 5, 2008

Yesterday was hell!

I am so sick of all my mood swings!!!!!!!!! i blame it all on work but there has to be some reason that every little things annoys me so much! OK so i made cup cakes and got dress all festive for the forth yesterday and i was determined to be in a good mood even though i had to work on the forth of July but as soon as i get to work i become the biggest grump in the world! i hate it. i was absolutely miserable for the first half of my shift and i just wanted to yell at ever single customer! i hate days like that! it seem to happen every once in a while and i just can't control it. i try and figure out what i do before work. i think about how late I've slept what i ate all these factors that might affect my mood and i still can't figure out what gets me into these funks!

OK well i am hoping today will be a great day. i am going to try my best to be in a good mood and get tons of work done and hopefully the day will go fast. you know i woke up thinking it was Sunday... wouldn't that be great one day closer to vacation!

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