Friday, July 18, 2008

Goodness am i tired!!!

Well yesterday moving maika went so much better than i thought it would... we got all of her stuff out of storage in little over an hour and than moving her into her apartment wasn't too bad either. We then went to pick up a couch and table that you was buying from someone off craigs list and that was the hardest part.. that couch was so heavy! then we got the couch to her house and it smelled like indian food and boy was that oh so much fun!! we sprayed the couch with two bottles of fabreez and washed the pillows and it still smelled.. hopefully maika can live with it! but her apartment is so cute and totally her and she will have so much fun living by herself i think and i am so excited for her!
then today my mom, grams and i drove down to Mt rainer and spent the day there. it was so nice out and the views were just beautiful! It was amaxing that there was still TONs of snow up there. i had no idea that snow lasted that long up there. maybe it is because we had such a crappy spring leading into summer that it hasn't been hot for long enough to melt it all this year. Either way the trip was simply wonderful and we had so much fun. I don't remember a day where i laughed so much in a long time! besides having to PEE every hour and becoming cross eyed because i was so tired it was pretty much perfect!!

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