Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!!!

(picture from 7-4-07 at the Seattle Center house)

Well it is the 4th of july and what am i doing today? U guessed it... WORKING!!!!! we weren't allowed to request any schedule changes today but i was just hoping Shanna (our schedule maker) would be oh so kinda as to not have me work till midnight on the 4th of july... no such luck!!! So i get to be bitter all day today! it just makes me sad b/c i still love watching the fire works..... i just stand there with my mouth open!!! But anyways to help me not be so bitter i have decided to make red white and blue cup cakes of everyone who has to work at night on the 4th!!! I hope everyone enjoys them and it brightens their moods even though we are all stuck at work!

Last year on the forth of july Mat and i watched the parade in down town kirkland then went to Daryl and Lauras house for BBQ then we all headed to seattle where we went to the Qucki Mart (SP) and then watched the fire work at St Edwards Park... It was alot of fun even though once again i got super sun burned! hahaha the only thing that is helping me get through these ten days of working without a day off is that at the end i will be going on a fun and new vacation!!!
Picture of my cupcakes that i made for my co-workers!! ~~>

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