Wednesday, July 9, 2008

last day of worK!!!

Yesterday was super fun!! We went and got our toes done at eleven then we headed out to down town Kirkland for lunch. in my last blog i said we were going to Seattle cause Tara had texted me and said down town and i just kinda thought Seattle. but anyways we went to the Kirkland water front for lunch at the slip.. the smallest full service restaurant in Washington. during lunch we decided we needed to go camping asap!! so we are going to Laura's trailer thing after summer jam. for the next two weeks i have ALOT of fun... jam packed!!! So tomorrow we are driving down to San Francisco and staying till Monday or something then we get back and we have the week to relax (my birthday is Wednesday) then Thursday or Fri i am going to Mt Rainer with my mom and grams for our birthdays. then sat is my birthday party: pool side, planned by Kristin. Sunday is summer jam, right after summer jam we are driving up to the trailer and staying till Tuesday afternoon!!! talk about a GREAT birthday week! I'm so excited i am going to explode and it is going to be super hard to get through work today!!!

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