Friday, July 25, 2008

A fan of positive re-enforcement!

Well I'm back at work now and i haven't had a bad day in the three days that I've been back and sad to say that is surprising... even yesterday when it was crazy busy and i had a slow ass checker till eleven and i could barely get my work done i still was in a great mood! I credit this to positive re-enforcement.... The second day (Wednesday) that i worked our district manager was in the store and he came up to talk to me (first time meeting him) and he asks me when i am going to sign up for 2nd assistant and how much he has heard about me doin a great job and how if i work at it i can work my way up and that it happens fast and all this stuff and i felt so great after talking to him because i always doubt my work and i wonder if anyone notices if i work or if i don't and so on. OK so then yesterday (my third day of work) i got my evaluation. and i couldn't ask for a better evaluation. she said that she really liked my work ethic and that i constantly got my work done and that i was the top PIC since they made me a PIC and then named off all the PIC's in our store and said that with all the knowledge that me being the top PIC is a pretty great thing. I was really proud of myself. So why am i a fan of positive re-enforcement? well all this week i have worked.... and worked hard... usually i will find myself getting tired at the end of the night and kinda slacking on the job and part of the reason i let myself slack is that i didn't think they noticed when i would work or not work so why work.... but with the feed back i got i want to continue to show them that i am a great worker and a loyal employee and i have been hard at work this week and i hope i can keep it up!

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  1. Love the picture of you and Kristen in one of my fav places! You are a great PIC. I always loved working with you. I think it's great that you were approached about moving up. Good luck with that!
    I'm enjoying your blog, it's great to read about your adventures!