Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Summer Jam

Man so we went to summer jam and boy was it an interesting time there! the whole fun of the concert was sitting around enjoying the view and people watching... music was just a nice bonus to the trip! People were so drunk and so high and wearing the craziest things that you couldn't help but stare! There were three fights that we saw... Tara saw the really good one where a bunch of little white girls got in a fight over god knows what and started beating each other with the flip fops... pulling each others hair.... Kristin and i were so sad we missed it! but we walked by later and laying on the ground was a flip flop and broken sun glasses pieces.. so funny! there there were so many people walking around so drunk their friends had to help them walk. Kristin and i were walking down the stairs and these guys right in front of us just puked while he was walking...twice. it was so funny yet gross cause just a few hours earlier Kristin and i were nursing hang overs from my birthday party!

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