Friday, July 11, 2008


we are on the road right now on our way to san fran. it is four in the morning and I can not sleep in the car! so far the trip has been pretty interesting... we stopped in south center to get drinks and have quiznos for dinner. I got pulled over just outside olympia for going 75 in a 6? zone and got a ticket for 113 bucks! we have run into three traffic jams. mostly because of all the damn construction but we did see a trailer that had cought on fire (overheated probably) and over half of the thing was completely burned up and gone. we stopped for gas in oregon and found u can self pump at 4am. we are still 293 miles out from san fran. we know this because of the way fun gps system we have in the car. it estimates that we have 4 hours and 5 minutes. hmmm I can't think of anything to mention except we can't wait to get to the hotel to get some shut eye before we head out to explore the city.... you can't say san Fran down here or u will be mocked... or so I read online. oh and we r excited for mc donald breakfast!

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