Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Birthday Party

Well My birthday party was pretty awesome!!! Kristin did a great job of making it all look super fun and festive. It was a luia themed party and it was so nice just to hang around the pool and relax with my friends. the cake she made was pretty much super fantastic and i would never think of anything better. it was a barbie hula skirt so cool! Also my idea for my birthday presents was that each of my friend would take me out for a day of one on one fun so most everyone came with a creative way of telling me what we will be doing with each other. Tara is doing some sneaky trip that she won"t tell me about but it should be pretty fun we are going next Monday. Then Laura is taking me Para sailing which should be pretty awesome! Kristin has a whole day planned with fun actives and well as Linnea does! it all should be really fun but the really great part will be to be able to hang out with my girls one on one and reconnect with them! OK But the DRAMA of my birthday party is what is still bothering me. I have helped maika move twice in one month and bought her a seventy dollar gift basket of things for her house and she showed up eight hours late to my birthday party then didn't stay for the whole thing b/c she conveniently forgot her id. THEN we were all planning on going to summer jam the next day and she tells us that day that she isn't going. It is so frustrating to do so much for a friend who seems to just take advantage of our help and then gives nothing in return. We have gone through this with her over and over again and we are constantly asking ourselves why we are still friends with her and i think this was the last straw. we can't take this anymore. why should we be putting in so much work for this friendship when she isn't putting in any work. Now we are just trying to figure out what to do... should we let her know that because this friendship is one sided and we don't want tot put up with it anymore and or do we just ignore her and fase her out of our life? We just don't know but we do know that we aren't going to put up with it anymore!

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