Tuesday, July 15, 2008

heading home

we are one our way home right now. about 200 miles out side portland. we are gonna stop there to do some shopping then head home. we stayed last night just inside oregon in medford at a motel six... I couldn't drive thought the night again. this trip has been absolutely amazing! we have done so much! yesterday we spent the day with mats family at his aunt brenda house...they made bbq and we sat in the back yard and played badmitten and talked his cousins kid shannon was there she is so cute.... I also met his cousin and his wife. it was so much fun cause he was trying to convince mat to get married and all that great stuff. so funny. the day before that we went to six flags which was tons of fun also. we woke up and checked out of our hotel did some shopping in downtown san fran. the forever 21 is the biggest and best store in the world. I got three tank tops from there. we then headed to vallego and checked into a motel and went to 6 flags. we want on a few rides enjoyed some garlic fries and stayet till it closed. the day before that (sat I think) we did all the tourist stuff in san fran which was pretty amazing as well.... we rode the the trolley street car down the fishermans wharf. rented bikes rode to the golden gate bridge and back then ate lunch on the peir at a place called whip out and surfer theme restraunt the food was pretty darn yummy. then we went on a one hour cruise around the bay which was pretty awesome. over all we did pretty much every thing we wanted and possibly more.... we couldn't have asked for the trip to go anymore smoothly or get better weather. this I have to say might be one of our best trips. it is going to be hard to beat.

All of my pictures are on my myspace page : myspace.com/danjello

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