Saturday, July 12, 2008

day two of our adventure.

my goodness I have a lot to say but I am not going to go into a lot of detail cause I have better things to do... he he.... well the last leg of our drive went well.... we drove right into the wild fires in cali. we could see them up on the hills before the sun rose and once it did rise we were driving through pure smoke. we could smell the fires. it was crazy. but finally we made it. we had to pay a four dollar toll to get into the city which neither of us had done so that was interesting. our room wasn't ready when we arrived so we had to check our bags and wonder the city. we left our map in the car so we had no idea where to go so we just wondered. lucky our hotel is right in the middle of everything. seriously i don't think mat could have choose a better hotel. the huge mall is right across the street as well as the worlds largest forever 21 one of my fav stores. we are also by the trolleys and busses. so we wondered just to get a feel of everything. but and without a map I just got confused and overwhelmed. it's weird to think I always go places were I know where i'm going but I must because not knowing where anything is at all is the strangest feeling. so we wondered... picked up some beverages for our room and headed back to get our room around 1130. man did mat pick a great hotel! we are on the 21st floor. our huge bed had tonds of pillows and a down comforter and a huge flat screen tv. overall it is quite beautiful! so we took showers... much needed after driving all night and then took a quick two hour or so nap. we woke and were ready for the day around three and we were striving so we headed to the mall grabbed a bite to eat and did some shopping. I have to tell you san frantically has the best shopping.... has all the store we shop at.... we also wondered down to china town and explode down there... pretty fun area and I got some pretty awesome suvoneers! we wondered back through little italy I think... pretty sure... we had a yummy dinner at the steak and wine restraunt... I got a pork chop just to try something new... it was good but it was no steak... reminder to shelf don't get pork when you could get a steak. we then wondered around a bit more went to a bar and had a drink. we were gonna go see a movie but decided to skip it because we were both pretty tired and we were enjoying ourselves in our room. today we are heading down to fisherman wharf for tons of fun tourist things to do! wish us luck!

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