Sunday, July 27, 2008

World traveler

Wel lfor my birthday this year my grandmother gave me such a great and thoughtful gift! She gave me a glass globe paper weight and a london luggage tag. and yeah that doesn't sound oh so exciting but what she said when she gave them to me is what realyl touched me. She said she see's me traveling the world and she thinks the first international place she see's me going is london! I have always wanted to travel and see the world and to have her say she see's me doing that realyl got me excited! Also mat's mom said on my birthday that she see's us as travelers and we won't have kids till we are 30 because we want to travel. These thoughts for us is so exciting for me and i hope that they are right. well since they thought this for us i thought i would compile a list of places i want to go...

*London, England: first on the list b/c it is fun that my grandma thought this would be the first international place i would travel

*Tokyo, Japan: I would love to travel here b/c it would be so interesting to see how the tecnology they have to offer as well as seeing how they mix that with their japanese customs.

*Cabo/TJ, Mexico: i know it seems like such a simple place and so close but it would be so much fun i take a cruise and enjoy the beaches of mexico.

*Amsterdam: This is just seems like a place that would be interesting to go b/c of the "window shopping and coffee houses" they have to offer.. hahahaha i saw i guy with a t-shirt the other day talkin about that stuff.

*Australla: I would love to go here and surf on the beaches.... not that i know how to surf but this would be the best place to try it out

*New York City, USA: Well of course there are places in the US that i want to go too.. .this of course for the shopping and just the excitment of city life

*Miami/disney world, florida, USA: you hear so much about the beauty of florida it would be fun to go anywhere there but of course miami and disney world would be the top of the list

*Coney Island, USA: i would love to go here anytime but idealy on the first of july to really see all the crazy crowds and of course the famous hot dog eating contest!

*Paris, France: i had some resistance to put this on my list b/c it seems like this is on the top of everyone's lists.... it defintly isn't on my top but i know that i would enjoy going there so i'll put it on the list

*The Bahama's: but of course.... who wouldn't want to go and relax on the beaches and enjoy the sun?

I'm sure there are a million other places i want to travel to and i will continue to update this list everytime i think of another place but this is a pretty good start.

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