Thursday, July 24, 2008

Breaking ties

So we did it yesterday... we broke up with Maika! hahaha sounds so silly but yeah... we all agreed that she wasn't a friend worth having. so i said to her that i felt that we were growing apart and we had different priorities and that maybe we were too different and that we needed to give each other space to live out lives. She in turn made it seem like this was coming out of no where and that she was completely shocked when i said i felt like it was a one sided friendship. We all are sick of worrying about if she is going to approve what we are doing or if she is going to get upset and not talk to us for a month. we do so many things that are thoughtful and kinda for each of our friends. we are always bring each other little presents to show how much we care... we all make an effort to make time to get together and she doesn't seem to see us as a priority yet she always has time for whatever new boyfriend she has. It is amazing how she is so oblivious to how she acts. even when her parents kicked her out. i was sure that they weren't lying about the way she way acting. not that i think that should be a reason for them to give up on their daughter and kick her out but we could see where they were coming from. I felt that i had to tell her how we felt rather than just slowly drifting apart from her which would have been easier because i feel she needs to realizes the way she acts and treats other people. hopefully she will be able to have a great life and relationships in the future and who know maybe we will cross paths again but probably not.

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