Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday gift #1

What a great time Tara and i had! It all started at 7:45 am on Monday morning (after Tara was 45 minutes late) she texted me to tell me she was here to pick me up so i grabbed my bags and headed out the door. taped to her passenger window was an envelope marked clue #1. I opened it and all it said was Cashmere. The only thing i knew from that was that it was a town.... of course i had no idea where that town was or what we would be doing there. So we headed out on the road taking 522 to Monroe and then heading over the pass. half way over the pass Tara gave me another clue to look under my seat.Under my seat i found a water proof camera and another clue to look in the center console of her car. in there i found a small box containing a charm, for my bracelet she got us all when we went to Vegas, of a raft.... this is when i started to realize what we were doing... with that charm came another clue that said look in the glove box. in there i found a folder that told me that we were heading to Cashmere to go white water rafting which would end with a BBQ steak dinner and then we would be staying at a bed and breakfast in Leavenworth! I was so excited i could nearly cry! what a great gift... and how she presented it was so creative and thoughtful. in this folder she has carefully cut out and presented all the info for the weekend including a little history of Leavenworth. such a great detail to make this trip feel even more special! Needless to say we had a blast.. white water rafting was so much fun and what a perfect day for it! the sun was out and the river was a perfect temperature! we shared the raft with a couple and a family. the family was really great and the daughter who was about seven I'd say totally loved hanging out with us! the couple however were quite annoying. the women would get all pissy because she would get splashed! What the hell she was doing white water rafting i had no idea! but we didn't let them ruin our trip! after the trip we headed to Leavenworth and explored the shops a little bit. it was so much fun to go though the shops. we bought some cheese and sausage for the night and then headed to Safeway for some bread. we then headed to the B&B. It was a little awkward at first because we were basically staying at someones house (we were the only guests) but we were shown our room and then basically left alone which was great. we had full run of the down stairs where we had a big screen TV and a comfy couch. we hung out and barely staid awake to watch two movies. The next morning we woke up early... boy was it hard but we had to make it to

breakfast at 8am because they were making it basically just for us and boy would it have been rude to not go plus that is the whole point of staying in a B&B but boy was it hard getting up. The breakfast was so yummy! we had egg pie with potatoes and bacon and fruit and sweetish pancakes with homemade jam which was SSOOO good! everything was delightful! we sat and ate and chatted with the couple who owned the business for a while and really got comfortable with the whole B&B idea. After breakfast we headed over the Lake Wenatche
state park where were used to go camping every summer as children with my family and hers once or twice. It was so fun to see the old area even though the weather wasn't so great. after that we went to our all time favorite restaurant... the 59r diner! what a great place and not a thing had changed. we sat in the booth right in front under the Elvis memorabilia and feed a few quarters into the juke box and ordered a couple peanut butter shakes! we sat and reminisced about our trips here ever summer and then got in the car and headed home... tired from the whirl wind trip we had just enjoyed!


  1. That looks like so much fun. I love that your friend went to such care to make your day so special. You are a lucky girl! Glad you had another great birthday adventure!

  2. wow, my gift sounds way lame compared to that adventure.